Ski Vacations to the French Alps


OK, I know what you are thinking…. “It is summer….why are you reminding me about the cold winter months?”  It may be summer but I am already dreaming about winter in French Alps!  It is never too soon to start thinking about your next winter vacation. Nothing can compare to this majestic place!  Storybook settings covered in white snow with majestic mountains beckon you to visit.  Did I catch your attention?  Please read on!


Although some resorts are open year-round, most of the resorts open mid-December and they stay open until early April. Of course, the resorts are quite busy during the Christmas and New Year weeks but otherwise, there are plenty of places with availability during the remainder of the season.  Some weeks are quieter than others and SVP Tours can certainly help you find a week where you can lay down some fresh tracks in new snow!


Just like people, each resort in the Alps has its own personality!  Some resorts cater to singles and couples and others to families.  Some resorts are much more posh while others have a more laid-back vibe.  Take a look at the “Ski Adventures” portion of our website for some guidance in this regard.  There are so many options- Chamonix, Courchevel, Megeve, Méribel, Val d’Isere to name a few!


What are some of the experiences that we can offer? The possibilities are endless for the active traveler!

* Private ski lessons for skiers and snowboarders of all experience levels
* Children’s camps
* Heli-skiing throughout the Alps
* Snowmobiling
* Sledging, sledding and tobogganing
* Zip lining
* Racing snow machines on ice tracks
* Dog sledding
* Snow shoeing
* Skating

If you want to take a break from the slopes, we can offer you cooking classes, cocktail mixology classes, fine dining, the most luxurious spa treatments and some fun apres-ski nightlife.


Please give us a call at (860) 643-0825 or email us at with any questions or requests that you may have.  If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

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Unique Loire Valley France Travel Experience

Are you looking for a unique travel experience in the Loire Valley in France?

Are you heading to the Loire Valley in France for some luxury travel? Are you interested in a unique Loire Valley France experience? During a recent visit to the Loire Valley in France, I came upon a very interesting site- what appeared to be dwellings carved into the cliffs overlooking the Loire River.  As I floated down the quiet river, gazing up at the cliffs in awe, my guide informed me that there were, indeed, dwellings carved into the cliffs many centuries ago.  Surprisingly, these dwellings, called troglodytes, continue to be used today.  Cut from the soft, golden tufa stone cliffs, the troglodytes could best be described as resembling caves.  How did they get there? This is an excellent question!

What is the history of troglodyte dwellings and are they still used?

Let’s not forget that as the French citizens became restless, the kings of France departed their castles in Paris for what they believed to be the safety of the Loire Valley and of course, they needed accommodations that were “fit for a king”. As a result, the Loire Valley is home to some of France’s most beautiful castles and many of these castles were built from the golden tufa limestone.  The stone would be quarried from around the Loire Valley and taken to build these castles,leaving carved out areas or caves behind.  The caves were perfect for a family to use–they had the benefit of being a bit cooler in the summer and protecting the inhabitants from the elements in the winter.  At present, these troglodytes can be seen along the tufa cliffs as you explore the Loire Valley in France. Some of my favorite examples of troglodytes can be found in Saumur, which is also world-renowned for its white wines.  I would suggest that you stop in Saumur to explore this interesting architecture as well as some of their very fine wine caves.

You can stay in a luxury troglodyte hotel!

Many clients are interested in experiences that are one-of-a-kind.  May we suggest a stay in a troglodyte hotel?  A fine example of a lovely, luxury hotel that also offers an opportunity to experience this unusual architecture first-hand is the four-star (4*) Les Hautes Roches, which is located between Vouvray and Tours. This hotel, which is perfectly located for touring, allows you to sleep like a king but experience something new and unique.

Loire Valley castles made of luminous tufa stone

Now that you are in the Loire Valley and you have seen these interesting dwellings, where can you find some examples of the castles built with this warm stone?  Some fine can be found throughout the Loire Valley.  The Chateau de Chenonceau, which is also known as the “Ladies’ Castle”, is one of the best examples of building with this porous limestone.  Also notable is the Chateau de Brézé in Saumur.  Travel back in time into Brézé’s underground fortress and hear the tales of the lords and ladies and those who served them who resided here.  Don’t forget to try the wine offerings at Brézé as well!

Have I piqued your interest in the Loire Valley?  Please feel free to contact us at SVP Tours for a customized tour of the beautiful land of castles and kings, the Loire Valley.  While there, allow us to arrange for a private visit of some troglodytes and castles and perhaps even a wine tasting or two.  If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

Happy holidays!

Troglodytes along the Loire River

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Christmas Markets in France

Bonne Année and Joyeux Noel- Christmas market time!

It is holiday time in France, which is a very special time.  As families prepare for the Christmas festivities and feasts, they are also enjoying the traditional Christmas markets.  This is one of the many European traditions that I would love to see here in the United States!  Famed throughout Europe, Christmas markets are a “must see” if you are in France in December.  Known as the “Marché de Noel”,a visit to these markets makes you feel like you are stepping into a storybook. Beautiful twinkle lights shine over the cobblestone squares as the local producers sell their wares under little wooden stalls that are built for the occasion. Christmas cakes, gingerbread and mulled wine (“vin chaud”) beckon you to taste them.  Unusual decorations and crafts make perfect presents for friends and family. This is also a wonderful opportunity to restock your wine collection so keep your eyes open for some amazing French wine!  Some Christmas markets feature parades, bands and sound and light shows.  They are certainly a sight to see!

Although many of the larger markets are in northern France in places such as Lille and Strasbourg, they can be found throughout France in places like  Toulouse, Reims, Colmar, Bordeaux and  Avignon. Although there are only a couple weeks remaining before the Christmas markets bid us “adieu” until next year, there is still plenty of time to experience this wonderous French tradition.  If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Experience the wonder of the Christmas markets in France

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