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Bonjour and welcome to SVP Tours! For over 30 years, my family has perfected the art of customized specialty and luxury travel. Your vacation in France will be crafted with my lifelong passion for France and all things French! Of course, your vacation to Spain will be flawless! SVP Tours’ exclusive and longstanding connections give you special access to luxury travel opportunities. We offer you charming private guides who will regale you with stories of local history. Adventures in vineyards, helping with the fall harvest, creating your own wine blends, meeting the winemakers and private tastings are waiting for you. Luxury hotels and chateaux are open their doors to welcome you. All of these are offered with our inimitable service.

Luxury hotels and chateaux will open their doors to welcome you.  Whether you are planning a romantic getaway for two, celebrating a special occasion with family and friends or indulging in a passion for food, wine, history or architecture, SVP Tours has the know-how to ensure that your France and Spain vacation dreams become a reality!


All of your deluxe tours of France and Spain are individually tailored to suit your particular interests and specifications. Deluxe luxury hotels? Of course! Private wine tastings? Bien sur! A private tour of the places where only the locals like to go? Ask us! Discover the romantic splendor and rich history of Paris or the Basque history and gourmet delights waiting for you in Northern Spain. Longing for the glamour and sunshine of the French Riviera? We handle every exquisite detail to make it the most wonderful trip that you can experience.


Let SVP Tours plan your trip with our hallmark attention to detail and impeccable service. We can suggest an itinerary or work with you to customize the trip of your dreams. Your truly memorable adventure starts here, with the France and Spain experts. If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

Call (860) 643-0825 or contact us at info@svptours.com to get started.

Normandy is one of the most popular destinations in France for American visitors. There is so much to see! Most of our clients are interested in history and learning about our brave soldiers storming the beaches during World War II. Many are interested in medieval art, architecture, beautiful gardens and serene picture postcard scenery. Of course, there is always the opportunity to sip some of the local Calvados brandy. Normandy offers all of this and more!

Here is a list of some of our favorite places to visit while in Normandy. We have broken them down by topic or interest. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance when you plan a private tour to this historic and beautiful region. Read more - svptours.com/luxury-travel/the-best-of-normandy/

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Most of our clients ask for suggestions for the best museums to visit while in Paris. First time visitors usually ask for a guided tour of the Louvre or perhaps the Musée d’Orsay. Although these are two of our favorite museums, Paris has so many more museums to offer! Take a look at some of our other suggestions below.

Here is a list of SVP Tours’ 25 Best Paris Museums. They are not listed in any particular order in terms of our favorites. Instead, you can click on the links for more information. Please note that most museums now have rules and regulations regarding the size of the bags that you can carry when you visit. Please check their websites for details in this regard.

Our guides are available for private tours of any of these museums as well as many other museums in the city. Of course, we can organize themed tours, visiting a few different museums focusing on a topic or period of time that is of interest to you. All tours are tailor-made to meet your unique interests!

25 Best Museums in Paris


Plan your visit to one of these Paris Museums today!

If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

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If you can dream it, we can make it happen!