25 Best Paris Museums

Most of our clients ask for suggestions for the best museums to visit while in Paris. First time visitors usually ask for a guided tour of the Louvre or perhaps the Musée d’Orsay. Although these are two of our favorite museums, Paris has so many more museums to offer! Take a look at some of our other suggestions below.

Here is a list of SVP Tours’ 25 Best Paris Museums. They are not listed in any particular order in terms of our favorites. Instead, you can click on the links for more information. Please note that most museums now have rules and regulations regarding the size of the bags that you can carry when you visit. Please check their websites for details in this regard.

Our guides are available for private tours of any of these museums as well as many other museums in the city. Of course, we can organize themed tours, visiting a few different museums focusing on a topic or period of time that is of interest to you. All tours are tailor-made to meet your unique interests!

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