The Azores, an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, offer a unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and cultural experiences. From whale watching to natural pools, the Azores offer a pristine and unspoiled natural environment, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Here are our three favorite islands to visit in the Azores:

  • Day 1

    São Miguel

    Also known as the “green island” it is the largest island in the Azores. Offering a city life that the other islands do not have, São Miguel also offers serene landscapes and experiences. It is famous for its blue/green lagoons and waterfall spring.

  • Day 2


    This is one of the most remote islands in the Azores. We suggest some hiking here, where you will see waterfalls and even swim under one. The entire island is a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

  • Day 3


    Famous for whale watching, Pico has a whaler’s museum and a marina where you can learn about the history of whale hunting in the area.  Perhaps you will book a dolphin or whale tour and spot some of the most beautiful animals on the earth.  Notably, Pico also has the “Pico Mount”, the highest point in all of Portugal.  Only the intrepid and experienced hikers should attempt this hike.

Our Suggestions For Things To Do in the Azores

  • Day 4

    Whale Watching

    The Azores are one of the world’s best places for whale watching. Take a boat tour to see sperm whales, humpback whales, and dolphins in their natural habitat.

  • Day 5

    Hiking and Trekking

    Explore the diverse landscapes of the Azores through hiking and trekking. Highlights include trails around SeteCidades, Lagoa do Fogo, and the volcanic crater of Pico Island.

  • Day 6


    Visit Furnas on São Miguel Island, known for its geothermal activity. See hot springs, bubbling mud pools, and enjoy a traditional Cozido das Furnas meal, cooked underground.

  • Day 7

    Pico Mountain

    Hike to the summit of Pico Mountain, the highest peak in Portugal. The hike offers challenging terrain and rewarding views.

  • Day 8

    São Jorge Island

    Explore São Jorge Island, famous for its unique Fajãs (coastal flatlands) and hiking trails along dramatic cliffs.

  • Day 9

    Gruta do Carvão

    Explore Gruta do Carvão, one of the largest lava tubes in the world, on Terceira Island. Take a guided tour to discover its fascinating geology.

  • Day 10

    Natural Swimming Pools

    Enjoy swimming in natural lava rock pools like the Poça da Dona Beija in Furnas or the Ponta da Ferraria on São Miguel.

  • Day 11

    Angra do Heroísmo

    Visit the historic city of Angra do Heroísmo on Terceira Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore its well-preserved architecture and squares.

  • Day 12

    Lagoa das SeteCidades

    Admire the stunning blue and green lakes of Lagoa das SeteCidades on São Miguel Island, often referred to as the “Twin Lakes.”

  • Day 13


    The Azores are a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts. Spot diverse bird species in the islands’ natural reserves and wetlands.

  • Day 14

    Hot Springs and Thermal Baths

    Relax in the thermal baths and natural hot springs scattered across the islands, such as the Terra Nostra Garden on São Miguel.

  • Day 15

    Fishing and Scuba Diving

    Enjoy fishing and scuba diving in the clear waters surrounding the Azores, where you can see marine life, shipwrecks, and underwater caves.

  • Day 16


    Visit the CaldeiraVelha Natural Monument on São Miguel, where you can bathe in warm waterfall-fed pools amidst lush tropical surroundings.

  • Day 17

    São Miguel Food Tour

    Savor Azorean cuisine, including Cozido das Furnas (a traditional stew), fresh seafood, and local cheeses.

  • Day 18

    Traditional Festivals

    Experience traditional Azorean festivals and celebrations that showcase the islands’ cultural heritage, such as the Holy Spirit Festivals

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