Central Portugal

Central Portugal

Central Portugal offers a mix of stunning natural landscapes, historic towns, and culturalexperiences. It combines unique surfing spots like Nazare, featuring the world’s largest waves with Portugal’s highest mountain Range Serra da Estrela. It is also home to some of the most scenic cities such as Leiria and Coimbra and idyllic mountainous villages such as Monsanto.

Here are some of our favorite places to visit in Central Portugal:

  • Day 1


    Explore the historic city of Coimbra, home to one of Europe’s oldest universities. Visit the University of Coimbra, the Joanina Library, and the Old Cathedral. Stroll through the picturesque streets of the city center.

  • Day 2


    Discover the well-preserved Roman ruins of Conímbriga, one of the largest Roman settlements in Portugal. Explore the mosaics, baths, and ancient streets.

  • Day 3


    Visit the Batalha Monastery (Mosteiro da Batalha), a stunning example of Gothic and Manueline architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage site is known for its intricate stonework.

  • Day 4


    Explore the Alcobaça Monastery (Mosteiro de Alcobaça), another UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s famous for its beautiful cloisters and tombs of King Pedro I and Inês de Castro.

  • Day 5


    Visit the Convent of Christ (Convento de Cristo), an impressive Templar castle and monastery complex. Explore its historical significance and unique architecture.

  • Day 6


    Visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima (Santuário de Fátima), a major pilgrimage site for Catholics. Explore the basilica, chapels, and the Sanctuary Square.

  • Day 7


    Take a day trip to Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage town known for its fairytale-like palaces and castles. Visit the Palácio da Pena, Quinta da Regaleira, and the Moorish Castle.

  • Day 8

    Serra da Estrela

    Explore Portugal’s highest mountain range, Serra da Estrela. Enjoy hiking, skiing (in winter), and take in the stunning natural landscapes. Visit the town of Manteigas for a taste of mountain life.

  • Day 9


    Discover the charming city of Viseu, known for its historic center, the Grão Vasco Museum, and its vibrant cultural scene.

  • Day 10


    Visit Aveiro, often called the “Venice of Portugal” because of its canals and colorful Moliceiro boats. Take a boat tour, explore the town’s Art Nouveau architecture, and enjoy fresh seafood.

  • Day 11

    Natural Parks

    Explore the natural parks in Central Portugal, such as the Bussaco Forest (Mata Nacional do Buçaco) and the Peneda-Gerês National Park. These areas offer excellent opportunities for hiking and wildlife spotting.

  • Day 12

    Food and Wine

    Savor the local cuisine, including regional specialties like leitão à bairrada (suckling pig) and roast goat. Central Portugal is also known for its wine regions, including Bairrada and Dão, so be sure to try the local wines.

  • Day 13


    Relax on the beautiful beaches of the Silver Coast (Costa de Prata), such as Praia da Nazaré and Praia de São Pedro de Moel.Nazaré is home to the largest waves that only the bravest and most talented surfers attempt to tame.

  • Day 14

    River Cruises

    Take a boat cruise along the Mondego River or the Douro River for scenic views and a relaxing experience.


  • Day 15

    Schist Villages

    Explore the picturesque Schist Villages such as Piódão and Talasnal.  These traditional villages feature stone-built houses and offer a glimpse into rural Portuguese life.

  • Day 16

    River Beaches

    Relax at the river beaches of Central Portugal, such as Praia Fluvial de Aldeia Ruiva and Praia Fluvial de Loriga.  These natural swimming spots are perfect for a refreshing dip.

  • Day 17

    Aveiro’s Canals

    Take a boat tour through the canals of Aveiro, often referred to as the “Venice of Portugal.”  Enjoy colorful Moliceiro boats and sample the region’s delicious sweet pastries.

  • Day 18

    Bairrada Wine Tasting

    Explore the wine region of Bairrada and taste the unique sparkling wine known as “Bairrada Espumante”. The region is also famous for its roasted suckling pig.

  • Day 19

    Wine Barrel Bath

    Take a wine bath in a wooden wine barrel at one of the region’s wine estates.  This unique spa experience combines relaxation with the benefits of wine therapy.

  • Day 20

    Visit the Sanctuary of Fátima

    Discover the religious significance of Fátima, a major pilgrimage site for Catholics.

  • Day 21

    Obidos Medieval Festival

    If visiting in July, don’t miss the Medieval Festival in Obidos, where the historic town transforms into a medieval fair with jousting tournaments, parades, and music.

These unique experiences allow you to immerse yourself in the culture, history, and natural beauty of Central Portugal, making your visit to the region a memorable one.

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